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air_crow.jpg Air Crow* Family Kiddyland 44" alone, 36" w/adult
Take flight over the waters of Lake Shafer as guests pilot their own plane, coasting on the very wind itself, swinging themselves to new heights of thrills and happiness.
rides-antique-cars23.jpg Antique Autos* Family Boardwalk Funway 44" alone
Enjoy a leisurely car ride with the whole family on the only Antique Auto ride in the world built mostly over water.
rides_Big_Flush.jpg Big Flush Family Ideal Beach Waterpark 44" alone
Taking family fun to its wettest level, The Big Flush is Indiana Beach's refreshing and unique water coaster. Take your choice of either of two wild experiences: the wicked twists of the blue tunnel or the surprises within the darkened black tunnel. To ride with an adult, children must be 42".
rides-denoftheives18.jpg Den of Lost Thieves* Family Boardwalk Funway 44" alone
This unique dark ride experience takes riders into the secret lair of a wealthy group of pirates and thieves. It is the rider's duty to take aim and bring these criminals to justice, and score some gold along the way.
rides-bumper-cars20.jpg Dodg-em Family Boardwalk Funway 48" alone
It's all about driving your car and running it into family & friends. Bounce off the walls, bounce off other cars, and don't stop until you've had enough. Must be 36” to ride with an adult.
frankensteins-haunted-castle1.jpg Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Castle Family Boardwalk Funway no min.
Voted the World's #1 Walkthrough Attraction for 2008!
Step into a realm ruled by ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and trickery. Guests have been trapped and lost forever in a room of doors. Some have run out screaming from the mere touch of a rat's tail against their skin. Still others have come out and said they have never had a better time. Admission is $3.50 per person (not included on P.O.P. or Combo Wristbands)
rides-flying-bobs.jpg Flying Bobs* Family Boardwalk Funway 44" alone
A thrilling way to enjoy a bobsled to music. Over the hills, round and round, the ride only stops for a brief moment. But then, it continues … BACKWARDS! Must be 36" to ride with an adult.
rides_Giant_Gondala_Wheel.jpg Giant Gondola Wheel Family Paradise Island 44" alone, 36"-44" w/adult
A peaceful delight for families to enjoy a bird's eye view of the lake as well as the entirety of Indiana Beach. During the evening hours, it is illuminated by nearly 6,000 lights. Children must be able to sit up to ride with an adult. 
rides_musicexpress.jpg Music Express* Family Paradise Island 44" alone
Take a ride with music and enjoy an up-and-down, forwards-and-backwards classic ride the whole family will enjoy. Must be 36" to ride with an adult.
rides-rocky-rapids31.jpg Rocky's Rapids Family Steel Hawg Midway 44" alone
This log flume takes you through tunnels and some quiet waters, but don't be fooled. At the end awaits a plunge straight down into some chilled waters. Must be 36" to ride with an adult.
scrambler_square.jpg Scrambler* Family Boardwalk Funway 48" alone
Experience fun lateral g-forces as your seat spins in and out of a wild circle producing hair-flying fun.  Must be 36" to ride with an adult.
rides-shafer28.jpg Shafer Queen* Family Boardwalk Dock no min.

The Shafer Queen is Indiana's largest regularly scheduled paddle wheel driven sightseeing vessel.
The Queen graces the waters of Lake Shafer on a daily schedule. Offering a 30-minute ride or a 75-minute sightseeing excursion.
Short Trip: $2.50, included with POP or Combo/ Funday Wrist Band

Long Trip: $5.00, with POP or Combo / Funday Wrist Band: $3.50.   Long Trips are daily at 2pm and 6pm.
Friday and Saturday Firework Cruise: $5.00 (including July 4th)
Please reserve your space for the fireworks cruises at park opening.  A sign will be posted when the cruise is sold out.
Firework cruises depart 30 minutes prior to firework display.


splash_battle.jpg Splash Battle* Family Paradise Island 44" alone
The first of its kind in the United States, guests hop aboard their water tank and move out into the battle waters. Once in the waters, guests fire their water cannons at each other and at onlookers! But, be careful … opponents and onlookers can fire back at their will! Children must be 36" to ride with an adult.
rides-tilt-a-whirl30.jpg Tilt-A-Whirl Family Boardwalk Funway 46" alone
Riders hop aboard and their seats start to turn along their course of ever-changing hills on a rotating platform. To ride with an adult, children must be able to sit up alone.
shafer-swings Water Swings Family Boardwalk Funway 44"
This is more than just a basic playground swing set; it's a high-soaring ride over the Indiana Beach midway.
sky_ride1.jpg Skyride Family Entrances at north and south side of park 44" alone
Take an overhead tour of the Indiana Beach Boardwalk Funway or view the Indiana Beach evening lights after dinner at the Skyroom Restaurant. Children must be 36" to ride with an adult.
Falling Star Family Boardwalk Funway 44" alone, 36"-44"  w/adult
Thrill to the ups and downs and round and rounds of the Falling Star.  And just when you think this ride is all done, it takes you back around the other way!
paratrooper2_square.jpg Paratrooper* Family Boardwalk Funway 48"
Take to the skies and descend just as fast on the sails of the Paratrooper. Spin around and glide into the air, falling back to the water's edge all on the gentle turns of the Paratrooper.
rides_childrens_Merry-Go-Round.jpg Merry-Go-Round* Family Kiddyland no min.
Featuring chariots and horses for guests of all ages to delight in as they ride to the sounds of the carousel organ music.
rides_DoubleShot.jpg Double Shot* Thrill Just Outside Waterpark 52"
The Double Shot is a ride that takes family fun to a whole new level ... and then right back down again! And then up one more time! A thrilling rush with an amazing view of Lake Shafer, the Double Shot stands over eighty-feet in the air and is one of the most intense rides at Indiana Beach.
rides-cornballexpress08.jpg Cornball Express* Thrill Kiddyland 46" alone
With crazy turns, frightening drops and insane twists & surprises, this Wooden Coaster was rated #1 in the World by in 2002. From its nearly vertical first drop, to the extreme g-forces of its helix, to the spectacular double-drop finale. Children must be 44" to ride with an adult.
rides_HawgOutBankRiders4.jpg Steel Hawg Thrill Steel Hawg Midway 48"
New in 2008, Steel Hawg is Indiana's first custom steel coaster and stands nearly 10 stories tall, featuring multiple heartline spins and inversions as well as a 111-degree first drop-and was once the steepest in the United States!
rides-galaxi01.jpg Galaxi* Thrill Boardwalk Funway 44"
Indiana Beach's first roller coaster is a lakeside experience not to be missed. Debuting in 1971, guests are lifted to an incredible view above the waters of Lake Shafer and sent for a fun ride of twists and spills with an intense helix finale.
hoosier_hurricane1.jpg Hoosier Hurricane* Thrill Steel Hawg Midway 48" alone
Riders are taken for a wild trip of turns and drops on this wooden coaster with steel super-structure, a pioneering design created with Indiana Beach. The untamed ride runs nearly the full-length of the Boardwalk Funway and back again, skimming the very edge of the waters of Lake Shafer. Must be 44" to ride with an adult.
rides-superstitionmountain06.jpg Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain* Thrill Paradise Island 48"
The most bone-rattling, twisting, turning, surprise is a wicked trip through the mine tunnels of Superstition Mountain. Wild animals, a rolling mill, falling rocks, and many other surprises await within the mountain.
tigrr.jpg Tig'rr Thrill Kiddyland 54"
An intense steel coaster that digs its claws into riders and sends them for a trip of sudden drops and banked turns.
rides-sky-coaster-21.jpg Skycoaster Thrill Paradise Island 44" alone
Experience the thrill of sky-diving and hang-gliding after you pull your ripcord at 110 feet in the air. Not included in POP or Combo Passes. A pay as you play attraction.
Frog_Hopper_Boomers.jpg Frog Hopper* Children's Kiddyland Must be able to sit alone
Ascending to the top and then "hopping" its way down, riders are jiggled and bounced until the laughter and smiles never seem to cease. To ride with an adult: Adult must sit on outside.
pirate-ship.jpg Mini Pirate Ship Children's Kiddyland No one under 36"
Bring your treasure and board our mini pirate ship just the right size for the smallest of scallywags! Children can set sail with a mild rocking motion that mimics its big brother the Sea Dragon. Adults allowed in middle seats.
rides_Wabash_Canon_Ball.jpg Wabash Cannon Ball Express Family/Children's Kiddyland Must be able to sit alone
ALL ABORD! Bring the whole family and take a ride through our kiddyland, Haunted graveyard, and down to Paradise Island. The Wabash Cannon Ball Express is a classic train ride for the whole family.
red_baron_plans_square.jpg Red Baron Biplanes Children's Kiddyland Must be able to sit alone
Let the kids take flight over Kiddyland at the controls of their own bi-plane. Red Baron planes raise and lower at the command of the rider. Sorry, no adults allowed.
rides_Kiddy_Auto.jpg Kiddy Autos Children's Kiddyland Must be able to sit alone
START YOUR ENGINES! Kids get the chance to be in the drivers seat as they ride around our track! Sorry, no adults allowed.
kiddy_boats_square.jpg Kiddy Boats Children's Kiddyland Must be able to sit alone
Let your child set sail in their own boat! Complete with bell and sparkling water, the kids can experience the feel of the open sea right here at IB! Sorry, no adults allowed.
rides-kiddy-whip26.jpg Kiddy Whips Children's Kiddyland Must be able to sit alone
Kids get to spin and swing around and around on our Kiddy Whips; the pint size version of Tilt a Whirl. Sorry, no adults allowed.
winky.jpg" Winky the Whale Children's Kiddyland Must be able to sit alone
Jump on board and take a ride on the back of Winky the Whale! With soft sea like motion and room for a friend, this promises to be one of the kids favorites! Sorry, no adults allowed.
rides_childrens_ConvoyRacer.jpg Convoy Race Children's Kiddyland Must be able to sit alone
Ready to go off road? Need to feel the wind in your hair? Let the kids jump on board and take a car, a truck and more for a ride around our rugged track on Convoy Race. Sorry, no adults allowed.
rides_Kiddy_Fire_Trucks.jpg Kiddy Fire Trucks Children's Kiddyland Must be able to sit alone
Kids come to the rescue aboard a fire truck or motorcycle on our Kiddy Fire Trucks. Sparking and full of fun, let your little hero's imagination run wild! Sorry, no adults allowed.
seadragon_pub.jpg Sea Dragon* Family/Thrill Boardwalk Funway 48" alone
Sail the rocky seas aboard this replica ship, but don't be fooled by the gentle start as riders experience moments of weightlessness & pure laughter. Children must be 36" to 48" to ride with an Adult.


Lake Shafer - 5224 E. Indiana Beach Rd. - Monticello, Indiana 47960 - (574) 583-4141

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