Events & Shows

Weekends Sept. 30 – Oct. 29

From the cutest little pumpkins to the most terrifying graveyard, exciting encounters for all can be found at Halloween Horror. Enjoy family-friendly activities during the day, including a trick-or-treat train, pumpkin painting* and a haybale maze; and frightful offerings in the evening, including two haunted mazes, two scare zones, and live entertainment.

Family-Friendly by Day:

  • Old MacDonald’s Hay Maze is sure to “a-maze” adventurers and onlookers alike
  • Sweet! Our Trick-or-Treat train is included with admission*
  • Pumpkin painting* and coloring fun await!
  • Children’s costume contest and scream-off taking place daily
  • Family friendly entertainment including:
    • Kid-o-ween Scream Contest: 3:00 p.m.
    • Costume Pageant: 3:30 p.m.
    • Trick-or-Treat train: 4:00 p.m.
  • Plus, enjoy all of the rides in Kiddieland!



Full of Fright by Night:

  • Two insanely haunted houses:
    • Nighmare on Shafer Drive
    • Frank’s Fun House
  • Two terrifying Scare Zones:
    • CarnEvil
    • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Specially themed rides and attractions:
    • Road Rage Cage: Resurrected (bumper cars)
  • Live Entertainment:
    • The Awakening: 6:00 p.m.
    • Monster Mash DJ: 6:00 p.m.


*Pumpkins available for purchase. South Parking Lot and South Entrance will be closed for the duration of Halloween Horror. Sections of the park are closed and a limited rides package is available during the Holiday Horror event (both day & night). Rides begin to close at 5 pm, and most rides will be closed by 8 pm nightly.


Halloween Horror Rules:

  • Ghouls and Ghosts come out at night to give our guests quite a fright.  Kids under 12 should not tarry; after dusk, parents be wary….
    (Halloween Horrors is intended for older children and adults.  We recommend children under 12 enjoy our daytime activities.)
  • Kiddy rides will not run beneath the moon, only the sun.
    (Kiddyland attractions will close at 5 pm daily.)
  • Flickering lights and ghostly sounds may fill the sky on haunted grounds.  This site is not for the faint of heart; these words of warning we impart.
    (This event uses strobe lighting and other atmospheric effects.  Guests with sensitivities should avoid some areas and attractions.)
  • Zombies can be quite a vexation; some rides may close with this invasion.
    (Due to weather and Zombie infestations, some rides may close early.)
  • A cape that drapes or padding too wide might mean you cannot ride some rides.  The safety of all we do implore, so bulky costumes we cannot ignore.
    (For your safety, flowing, oversized, or padded costumes may not be suitable for all rides.)
  • Things for adults would not be fitting for small children, so at our bidding, keep your costumes above reproach, and on your fun we will not encroach.
    (Costumes should be appropriate for all ages.)
  • Full masks and faces fully-painted will make the fun for all too tainted. 
    (Full masks, or full face makeup are not permitted.  Children 12 years of age or under may wear a full mask when participating in the costume contest.)
  • Halloween Horrors is meant to scare, but to carry a weapon would be to err.  For the safety of all, no weapons this night, lest you be evicted on sight.
    (Weapons of any kind, including costume props, are not permitted on Indiana Beach property.)
  • Hands and feet must not stray; keep them to yourself we say.
    (Do not touch our actors.  Our actors will not touch you.  Do not touch props or theming.)
  • You may be tempted to run and scream when you see our ghoulish theme, but feet that move with hastened speed, to a dreadful end they may lead.
    (No running.)
  • Keep going, keep going; you must not halt.  To stop or backtrack would put you at fault.
    (Please continue moving through our haunted attractions; do not stop or backtrack.)
  • For the faint of heart who need to flee, exits have been marked you see.  If the Ghosts and Ghouls you cannot bear, a door to leave you will find there.
    (Both of our haunted attractions have been clearly marked with chicken exits that may be used if you become too scared or the Ghouls get too close.)